Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dinner Party

Since we met Mark and Siew, we had promised to cook one of our favorite dishes for them. It's a Meditarrean pasta dish which, to us, is very yummy. Had she stayed in Xiamen, I'm sure we would have pushed this off to next year, but time is of the essence at the moment.

As we invite her and tell her what we're making, she suggests that we need more food, and our cooking class will now be Sunday night. The menu will now consist of my pasta dish, garlic prawns, lemon chicken, and steamed fish. The invitees were Siew, along with her two little critics, Ben and Daniel, Yih, Siew's sister, and Allen.

I started earlier in the day since I know how chaotic it will be in our kitchen. It's quite small, in fact most bathrooms are bigger than our kitchen. My dish was done, so I met up with Siew and off we go to the market to purchase vegetables, ginger, chicken and prawns.

We start off with the lemon chicken first, while Mark is entertaining Daniel and Ben. Both eager to eat..NOW! Daniel kept asking his mother to cook quicker.
Later Yih and Allen come over, and pasta is served along with the chicken. Mark, though enjoying it, prefers to have the chicken in bread crumbs. Mark wants to know if Siew can teach me how to do this. And you wonder why he and Daniel get along so well.

Later the prawns, and then the steamed fish. The food was outstanding. Daniel who has quite the adult palate was impressed with my pasta dish and really that's all that mattered.

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