Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One of the last requests....

As with our friends that have now moved on, our little sister, Siew will be moving back to Malaysia with her children in the next few weeks, and as we have done in the past, our questions are "what to do you want to see/do/eat before you leave China. She responded with a few things she would like to do, and one of them was to have brunch at the Sofitel.

So last Sunday, was brunch day at the Sofitel, which included champagne. Siew was quite excited as Ipoh doesn't offer brunches as they do here, and she knows that it may be a long time before she has a Sunday brunch again. During the meal, a couple of Siew's friends stopped by, one giving her a necklace as a good bye present, and Jackie, who is the F&B director, came by and chatted with us for awhile. We told him we were still talking about his dessert he made for us last time, the Banana flambe. He decided to surprise us yet again, and made Crepe Suzette. Siew was in heaven.

Mom and Daniel

Mark teaching Dan some geography

Siew enjoying Crepe Suzette

Ben and Daniel enjoying their desert

Meanwhile, Ben, and Daniel were having their own fun playing in the children's area, running from one toy to the next, so we didn't see much of those two, or should I say three. Mark went missing for awhile as well. What's that saying? "Boys will be boys". So true, so true. A good time was had by all!

Oh, to be young again!

On another note, our dear friend Emily, will be returning to China today. She enjoyed her trip last year, that she is coming back again. We are looking forward to seeing our friend again, and oh yea, write the blog!

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