Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Last night in Xiamen

Our last night with Ms. Hong and children was Monday night. We decided that we would try the new Vietnamese restaurant down the street from us.

Travelling with children is quite stressful, so what better way to end her time here in Xiamen, than a nice relaxing massage. I have to say it was the best massage I’ve had since we've moved to China.

The children including their Ayi, along with some of the staff from Temptations, joined us for dinner. We tried various rolls, vegetables, pork, and pho. The food was okay, but it tasted more like Thai than Vietnamese.

After dinner, Siew stopped by our place where we opened a bottle of Champagne, to toast a new chapter in her life and to the fun we had in Xiamen. It’s crazy to think that Siew and the children are no longer living here in China.

We will miss her and the children immensely. They are special people and wish them the very best.

Now, who’s going to provide us with material for our blog? Oh, Yih…

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