Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More on Siew's final days in Xiamen

Since this last weekend was Siew's final one in Xiamen, she needed to make sure that she fully used up all of the value she had on her discount cards. So that meant that Tina and Siew went to the nail salon for the full treatment - hands and feet.

Of course that mean that I was stuck with watching over Ben and Daniel. This was a nice and easy one - we met Siew over at a coffee bar and when Tina and Siew went off I took the kids for a nice long walk. The weather was surprisingly warm, so we took a nice leisurely stroll around the lake and then headed back to our place to watch some of the BBC Wild China DVDs that we had recently bought.

After a quick 4 hours I took the kids over to Temptations so that Daniel could say goodbye to his teacher. Then Tina and Siew returned and we went with sister Siew Yih to a nice seafood goodbye meal....

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

Sad that Siew and the boys have left! You all were close... I'm sure you'll keep in touch.

BTW, I found a great Vietnamese place in Chicago! It's in Chinatown: Café Hoang

It's BYOB. Will you and Tina please bring some good bottles of wine from China? JK :P

See you soon!