Thursday, December 11, 2008

The return of Big Red.

Well, we did manage to enjoy a few days a peace and quiet. Starting from Saturday we also made a good dent in watching the movies that we had laying around, and amazingly this last bunch that we went through all worked without any major problems. It's always a bit of a disappointment when we start watching something only to find out that it's all in Chinese or some other foreign language and only include Chinese and Thai subtitles...

But that peace all ended today. Siew Hong came back from Hong Kong yesterday and apparently she missed us a little. We had her computer so that we could download all of the photos we've taken of her and the kids so Tina did need to return that to her now that she was back.

When I left for work the plan was that Tina was going to cook up a nice Chinese style dinner when I got home, and that she would meet up with Siew Hong for coffee sometime in the day to return the computer. Just before I left work I received the following text - "With sis, just meet us at Temptations."

Huh, who'd have thought that.

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