Wednesday, December 10, 2008

They're back...

We had complained earlier that all of the shoe polishers had disappeared, and that Siew Yih had told us not to worry and that they would return in a few months.

That was back in August, and for a few months we were worried that Yih was wrong and that for some reason unbeknown to us they wouldn't be returning. By the time Tina's family came to visit some of them had started to return and we were able to get our shoes polished, but there still weren't as many of them and the timing of when you'd find them and their location was still hard to figure out.

But this Sunday when we went to the market, back in their usual location we were greeted with a nice row of at least 8 people waiting to polish our shoes.
So Tina and I walked past them all smiles to know that they had indeed returned, and when the ladies that usually polished our shoes saw us we joked "好久不见", bartered a little and then sat down to get our shoes polished up all nice and clean.
It was good to see them again.

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