Monday, December 8, 2008

Settling in for a few weeks of quiet.

Ah, as we mentioned earlier our last guest of 2008 departed for home on Saturday morning. She's arrived home safely as she left us a comment once again telling us how great we are at hosting guests here in Xiamen. I think it's that extra step we go to also try and show the guest another place in addition to Xiamen, this is always someplace that we want to go but either haven't have a chance to get to yet or haven't been in long enough to make us want to go again.

That method of piggybacking our trip desires with visitors has worked well for us, we've managed to see the big city sights of Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, and now Taipei, along with the smaller towns and villages of Hangzhou, Wuyishan, and Guilin. Good times - and it keeps Tina busy when she's trying to figure out what she wants to see and if it'll fit into what our guest will like to do when they come over to visit.

As fun as all of that is, and we do enjoy having guests come and visit, it is also nice to be able to relax once they are on the plane heading home....

Saturday we were exhausted, we just sat around the couch all day catching up on that big stack of DVD movies and television series that we keep saying that we will work through. Actually that's all we did all weekend, just let the television do our thinking for us. We only left the apartment twice, Saturday night for dinner since we were too lazy to cook, and Sunday to go to the market so that we could cook a dinner.

This week will be a nice quiet week for us, as Siew Hong is also out of town - she took her kids to Hong Kong for the week - so Tina doesn't even have any cooking classes this week. So, right now we are just going to try and relax and be unsocial for a week or two, as in just two short weeks we are hopping on a plane heading back to Canada and then the States. Then it'll be our turn to be running around trying to pack all of our friends and family visiting into much too short of a time frame....

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