Monday, February 23, 2009

Garlic Prawns

With my new found confidence in the culinary arena, I decided that I would venture off to try a dish that I hadn't cooked before, garlic prawns.

First thing we needed were the stars of my dish, prawns. Off we went, searching for ones that weren't swimming and kicking. Not so easy when you live in a country where most people wouldn't think of buying produce that wasn't alive. The Chinese definitely like their food fresh. We went to the market twice, as the first time we went during the noon siesta time. We should have known better. The second time we were more successful. After eyeing the tubs of live fish, snakes, frogs, eels, and turtles, we finally found someone who sold prawns that didn't obligate me to slay the little guys.

Once cleaned and deveined, I added my ingredients, which basically came down to 2 bulbs of garlic and rice wine. The meal was quite delicious.

At some point, I'm sure we will try our hand in cooking steamed fish in the wok. Baby steps, baby steps.

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