Sunday, February 22, 2009

...on the way to the material market.

This weekend one of the errands that Tina felt we needed to complete was a trip up to the material market so that we could buy some material to get more pants and shirts made. This is all good, but I am at a point where I sometimes feel that I have enough clothes and do not need to have more made. Since we have been here I have probably had 6 pairs of pants and a couple of linen shirts added to my wardrobe. It's nice stuff, well made and somewhat inexpensive, but as a guy it seems like I now have far more clothes then I would ever need.

Sure, but this time I agreed to go along so that we could find some more casual material for shirts. The fun material with Chinese characters and stuff like that and since I suppose that I could always use another weekend shirt, off I went to the market. Being a nice day we walked up to the market, it's maybe two miles, and guess what sort of happiness we found on the way to the market?

An officially licensed MLB store selling all things baseball. Well really not all things, but more then one would have ever expected...
We picked up a few things - the jacket I'm sporting is a weird track suit type jacket. I'm thinking of a sort of retro jackets like the "Member's Only" styles from the 80's. The banding at the base and collar is gold and sparkles. Yea - I'm cool again.

It was an odd collection of items, including jeans and sneakers that are marked with the logo's of the big baseball teams. Too much of the stuff was Yankee tagged for me, and the overall selection was odd - Yankees, Red Sox, White Sox, Royals, Tigers, Pirates, and the Giants making up 90% of what they had. There were a few Cubs and Angels items, but that was about it. Tina was a little upset that the Blue Jays weren't represented, but I think she looks better in the Red Sox top anyway.
But most of the styles were nice, and a lot of these would sell well if they were marketed in the States. We looked online when we returned home and the company making them is the China licensee for the MLB. The stuff seemed expensive, meaning that it cost about the same as one would expect them to cost back home, but everything was on sale at 50% off - hard to argue with that. We ended up with the jacket, 3 sweatshirts, and the t-shirt for Tina. We did not try on the sneakers.

So we managed to spend all of our clothing budget for this and next month before we even got to the material market, but we still managed to get some material for new clothes. I found some great casual things and am having made some shirts made that I think we work perfectly when we are in Hawaii in May for Heather and Mike's wedding.....

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