Tuesday, March 3, 2009

One more 老Joe post.

Whenever a guest comes into town they're always good for a few quick posts - and the return of 老Joe is no different.

We had a fun Saturday of drinking at Me & You 2 and The Key followed by an easy going Sunday tour of Gu Lang Yu and fishing for our dinner at the shrimp restaurant. Monday night we had agreed that we would meet him in the evening over at the Millennium Hotel for drinks up at the bar.

The Millennium used to be the Crown Plaza, back where we first stayed when we move here, so we still know a few of the people that are staying in the hotel (they've been there for years) and a few of the workers. So we sat around and caught up with Roy, Jasmine, and Joe for a while and then Joe mentioned that he had purchased a discount foot massage card from the hotel and since he still had several more free ones available would we like to join them for a relaxing massage.
The last time I had a foot massage I found it a tad painful, but Roy and Tina explained that the massages at the hotel are much more like a spa in the states then the rough clinical massage that Tina and Edlin dragged me too last time. This, and there was some name calling, convinced me to try it again and down to the massage parlor we went.
They were right, this massage is nice and easy, very relaxing - the occasional point the is a little sore but nothing compare to my first foray in letting someone massage my feet. All is good, maybe I'll try this again some day.

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