Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still playing tour guide.

Although Joe spent more time in Xiamen then we have, we have still managed to pick up a few things to do that aren't always standard touristy things to do, and thus we offered to tag along with him and his tour group so that we could share our knowledge. Yes, most of our non-touristy knowledge is based around local watering holes, but that's just what this group needed.
Of course, the number one item on the tour is Gu Lang Yu - that's not the bit of our information, but we figured we would head over with them and tour around.
This time we actually hiked all the way up to Sunlight Rock, I don't think that we've climbed up there since Matt was here to visit almost a year ago. It does help that we've gotten another cold front here, as it is much easier to hike up all those steps in 20C instead of 27-30C, the downside to the cold being that it was also very hazy - not as nice for enjoying the view.
But after the trip to Gu Lang Yu, that's when Tina's tour guide instincts kick in and take over. Any regular reader should have a guess as to where we went afterwards - and if you guessed Temptations you would be mostly correct. We swung by Temptations to grab some wine to take with us to dinner, and for dinner we went to the prawn restaurant.
This was one of our better outings at this place, with each of us catching at least 3 shrimp. I think overall our haul was somewhere over 20 prawns. Enough to get the order split and have them cooked in 2 of the 18 ways they will prepare them - we went with garlic prawns and the salt-caked prawns. Happiness, and we've finally gotten to a point where we can order the food without having to call for help, and stepping up to a fine wine with dinner was a definite improvement.

From there we head back over to our favorite local little bar, My Way, for a quick drink and to say hi to Gino...

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