Monday, March 2, 2009

The Return of 老Joe

This weekend one of the guys we know that used to live here in Xiamen came back to visit with his son Brian, and Brian's girlfriend Ashley. The stop in Xiamen was at the end off a trip that took them to Australia and then back up to Beijing, lucky them....

So they flew in on Saturday afternoon and after getting themselves settled at the hotel they gave us a call to meet them over at Me & You 2 for some drinks.


Ah, it was good to see Joe again and to catch up with him - it's been a good 4-5 months since he moved back to Canada. We stayed at Me & You 2 for an hour or so before heading over to The Key...
Ashley & Brian

Joe and Tina

Another photo of Ashley & Brian

The Key is always crowded, and sometimes a bit of a pain since they only have bottle service. But we managed to agree on a bottle of Absolute along with some tonics and sprites. The band there is always good, and a few of the people at the table wandered over to the dance floor - eventually there was a conga line that came right up past the table we were sitting at, it was all a good fun night.
Joe dancing with one of the staff

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