Sunday, April 12, 2009

The adventures of Barb and Nancy part deux

If there were words to describe this place I haven't found them. From the very modern to the very ancient. Tina and Mark as with all their guests are awesome. Yesterday we started out at the botanical gardens very nice flora and fauna of the area then on to a lakeside restaurant for a bit of imbibing in the local beer and snacks.Then onward and upward to APPLE TRAVEL to meet Grace our travel agent but actually Tina is training her and catches all her mistakes; I guess the apple does fall far from the tree but I digress. One beer stop later we head over to have the torture of the century known here as cupping . Lets just say by the look of our backs the toxins couldn't have come out too soon but the massage made up for it. Feeling like id been beaten we head out to GU Lang you the agenda for the night is a free (and i cant stress this too much) drinking party followed by running to catch the ferry and home to our abode.


chicanohek said...

looks like your drinking qingdao beer in the photo, isn't there anything better down south?


Mark said...

What's that, you don't love the
Qingdao? We've got a few other choices but that's pretty much the standard option, more so then even Snow. It's sad that Xiamen doens't have it's own local beer, it seems like it used to but the government closed all manufacturing on the island and it all went away....