Saturday, April 11, 2009

Barb and Nancy arrive in Xiamen...YAHOO!!!!

Well after all the months of planning Nancy and I finally arrived in Xiamen on Good Friday. It only took a 14 hour flight to Hong Kong and 4 hour layover and another 1 hour flight to Xiamen. Once we got in to Xiamen we only hoped we would not be pulled over and challenged on all of the loot we brought with us. We got through customs to be greeted by huge hugs from our pals Mark and Tina.

Arriving in Xiamen at night is pretty spectacular with the neon everywhere and all the cars and people. We finally arriving at the apartment and unpacked all the loot and proceeded to drink 5 bottles of wine and 1 1/2 bottles of port. We certainly stayed up but we suffered the next day. Oh well...such is life. There was a broken toilet issue but we will not go into that here as I am sure Mark and Tina will comment on this...suffice to say the Chinese do not bolt their toilets to the floor..I think they just glue them. lol

Saturday we went to the food market and you would have thought that the aliens had landed. Talk about being the minority. Little kids had their eyes glued to us and were falling down, it was quite interesting and funny. Tina then bought us some chinese buns and we went to Temptations and ate our breakfast. Later in the day we went to the fabric market and you would not believe what we goodness..the colours and type of fabrics...we went mad I tell you...mad.

Nancy and I each are having 6 items of clothing made and we are going to be regular fashion plates. We then met Mark for drinks at "Me and You Too" and then we went for all you can each sushi (in China) and then Nancy and I started to fall asleep and Tina and Mark brought us home and put us to bed.

Today is Sunday and we are rested and refreshed and heading to the Botannical gardens...we all know there must be floral and fauna for Miss Nancy. Then all you can drink at "Le Petite Cafe" tonight from 3-9pm.

Thats all for now. We are attaching a couple of pictures from the fabric market and tomorrow we head for Beijing. Barb and Nancy

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