Friday, April 24, 2009

Getting closer to the end

Well it being TINA's birthday we thought we would take the time to pamper ourselves and in typical Tina fashion we started with a great lunch at the two sisters. Next stop was the tailors to get our new duds thank god, we were getting sick of the ones we had brought, everything fit great... made to measure and we walked out of there feeling like queens, but in a good way. Onward and upward which is very typical in china as they love their stairs (stairmaster anyone oops no need) next stop was the hair washing which I have to say is the most civilized thing going, you lie down no neck craning and then after copious amounts of massage and tender rubbing it's finished just when you were dozing off mmmmmmmmmmm very nice. Can't have clean hair and no mani pedi so off to the salon to get pampered yet again to a foot spa and nails no torture there like the last foot massage maybe we are just getting used to the way things are done here, I really think I could. Looking absolutely ravishing we get back to the apartment to get ready for dinner and some special surprise Tina has up her sleeve - we are going with her friend and sister YIH and I have a feeling its like something we have never experienced before ok ok now they are talking hush hush I am becoming a little dubious and Barb, as always, is up for a big surprise. We take a cab down a narrow ally no lights all very secretive and Yih says we have to enter from the back, shurely it's more contraband purses or faux whatevers, but no its a club where the woman (us) get to pick from several lines of men (them) for party time - well no one was more surprised than me. The boys were very young and very scared and for anyone that has been here unsure of what these laowai ladies might ask of them and me still dumbfounded was too. We proceeded to drink watered down vodka and play drinking games which was fun, oh did I mention only one of them spoke English but we did learn some fun games and had a global fun time. All too soon 2:45 and it was time to leave and here is where it can be very expensive if you wanted the games to continue (SHALL WE SAY) you had to pay more at that point the jig was up and we let the guys off the hook with a chuckle as our intention only ever was to drink and play games but you know when in Rome... I think Tina had a great time on her birthday as did Barb and I and look forward to a sleep in tomorrow.

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