Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nancy and Barb's big adventure - the continuation

After our night of heavy drinking on Tuesday (what were we thinking) we left on a "3 hour tour", drive that is. We drove to the country and saw the Hakka houses or round houses as they are known to many tourists. Imagine a house that is so big it can hold upto a 1000 family members! Imagine no running water! Imagine no indoor toilets! They are quite something to see, let us tell you, but we could not imagine how they did it. Today many of the young people are leaving and going to school and they are not coming back to the Hakka's and many a falling apart. However, there are 20,000 in this province and we won't see the end of them for a very long time. We also walked through a picturesque village that sat on a beautiful river. It was a great day. At the end we got into our van and headed back to Xiamen for another 3 hour drive. Needless to say we all 3 passed out for a while.
Then Mark and Tina took us to "Chili's", not the real name but everything is made with chili' can just imagine...oy vay.

Today we went to the "Sisters" for lunch and then to the tailors to pick up all the items we had made...he did a great job. Then we went for a hair wash...a very civilized way to have your hair lie down and they massage your head and then your arms and then your back and then they blow dry, took about an hour. We want this service in Toronto and all for only $5.00 CAD. We love this country. We then had our mani/pedi ($10.00) and now Tina, Mark and their friend
Yih are taking us out for a surprise night, we are afraid, very afraid. We will let you know all about tonight in our next installment.

Talk soon

Barb and Nancy

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