Monday, April 20, 2009

Nancy and Barbs Big Adventure - Part trois, quatre, cinque

We made it back late last night from Xi'an. It was a wonderful, busy week with many highs and no lows.

Beijing was not what we expected. You have your own ideas of what China will look like and we was pleasantly surprised. Very much a government city with large tree lined streets. We went to the Forbidden City and Tian'anmen Square day two and the Great Wall on day three (see pictures). We could not have asked for better weather and we got to the wall before the hordes of bus tours arrived. We were sitting on the wall, in my own little section, all by myself. I had to pinch myself that I was actually there. Later that day we got to have Peking duck and see an acrobatic show. It was great fun and Tina talked us through everything in both English and mandarin.

From Beijing we went to Shanghai...think George Jetson. This city is so modern and futuristic...the buildings are in shapes and sizes hard to imagine. Highways as high as 20 stories, one on top of the other, it was sensory overload. We looked down on the city from both of the Hyatt's in both a day and night view. Looking down on the river, sipping martinis, Ahh, Magic!

We were picked up after 2 days in Shanghai to go to the river village of Tongli. Wow, talk about a departure from the modern. It was quaint and rustic and some Chinese lady tried to rip us off for beer money...Tina talked her down. So now it just doesn't matter where you are...a buck is a buck. The hote was cute, think Fred Flintstone for the bed. lol

We were picked up in Tongli and made our way to the airport and our flight to Xi An. We had dinner at the "best" dumpling house in Xi An. In China everything is the best or #1. The next day we made our way to see the Terracotta Warriors and to say the least we were speechless. What an undertaking to unearth all of those warriors, no two looking alike. We thought Xi An would be very polluted as we were told by many of our friends that they found it difficult to breath. That is not the case more coal burning, no motorcycles, etc. The day was clear and the sky was blue.

Nancy and I were amazed at how fluent Tina is in Chinese...she has gotten the lingo down. She was tour guide extraordinaire. Nancy and I were very lucky to have her with us.

That's all for now until next time.

Nancy and Barb

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