Wednesday, April 22, 2009

next installment

Well it would appear I am the one chosen for the torture newsletters. Yesterday we went to have a foot message and it turned out to be more than Barb and I bargained for and Tina being the perfect host would not downplay the whole experience till we had tried it first. Well it started with boiling tea water and one may have thought it was for drinking but alas it was to soak your feet ahhhhh after a few moments it actually starts to feel good then the team of professional massage artists come in and start to massage our feet, nooooo it is our backs actually included in the experience big aaaahhhhh again ... hey maybe Tina has hit on something spectacular here. Well the hot rocks come out next and all to soon it comes to an end very enjoyable and relaxing but Tina in her infinite wisdom has suggested we go to gu lang yu for pearl shopping again the ultimate experience we came out of there like the pearl divers of old with quite a booty of goodies when all too soon it is time to meet Mark at yet another favourite spot Temptations, lets just say after dinner at a bbq place and the 5th bottle of wine things start to get a bit hazy but I think we all had a great time...

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