Friday, May 1, 2009

...and we're off

Today is the May Day holiday here in China, and we are taking advantage of it and leaving the country. We are flying down to Maui on Monday so that we can do some drinking with our friends Mike and Heather before they get themselves hitched on Thursday (5.7.9).

Once we realized that we would be traveling just after a long holiday weekend, and that we were flying to Hawaii from Tokyo it was a simple choice to spend the long weekend in Japan. We would fly in and take the bullet train down to Kyoto spend two days enjoying it's beauty and then head back up for a night in Tokyo before heading off on our real holiday.

We came to this brilliant plan a little over a month ago and quick called up and airlines and changed our flight from Xiamen to Tokyo, and then got started on finding hotels in Kyoto to stay in that were close to all them amazing sights. This is where we ran into problems, most of the rooms seemed to be priced over $200 a night. Further researching by Tina found that in Japan this is their "Golden Week", and although Tokyo will be empty and inexpensive Kyoto will not be.

Weekend in Tokyo it is then, depending on the weather we may try taking a quick day trip out, and then after this relaxing weekend it's off to the hectic world that is a destination wedding.

Not sure if or when we will be posting again (I would read that as - expect nothing until maybe the 14th) but to be nice we have lined up a few more days of photos from the time that Barb and Nancy were visiting. So, you'll at least have that to get you through this weekend...

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