Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a difference a day makes.

Alright, now we're happily in Tokyo albeit not without some issues.

We arrived into Narita airport and I went to pull out some cash but couldn't quite remember the exchange rate; A couple of ATM attempts and I'm locked out, although I've managed to get out either 100 or 10 USD. A quick taxi ride later and I'm hoping I've only got 10USD, otherwise we paid just under $250 for a 1 hour car ride. Verification of the exchange rate once in the hotel lets us know we've just enjoyed the most expensive taxi ride of our lives.

A quick phone call to the bank and my card is unlocked so we can go and pull out enough cash for the rest of the weekend here. Then we go out to a nice sushi dinner and then to a jazz club that are both on the same block as our hotel.

This morning we stopped off at a bookstore and grabbed a couple of notepads like we can't find in China, and I just watched in amazement as the total went up. Things are expensive here in Tokyo.... we've managed to blow our entire Japan budget in just 24 hours. Luckily the hotel has internet, because we will be staying here the rest of the weekend.

Our Tokyo trip in pictures -

First night at Mei Jazz Bar
The rest will be spent in these two very tiny rooms.

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