Friday, May 22, 2009


It seems crazy but this will be the last of our holiday posts - after all of the fun we had with Heather and Mike's wedding we we off to spend a day in Honolulu before getting up at the ungodly hour of 04:00 so that we could catch our early morning flight back to Tokyo and then on to Shanghai.

We were up early and went to the airport the the two newlyweds where they had been mistakenly told that lines to check the rental car in could take well over an hour. When we left them they were sitting at the airport diner contemplating ordering drinks.

Once in Honolulu we go through the standard troubles, I seem to get confused in airports, and eventually get ourselves over to the taxi line. We are rewarded with my indecision in that we fall in line to get a limo to give us a ride to our hotel. Crazy luck huh?
We get in too early to check into the hotel, but according to the concierge too late to catch a shuttle over to Pearl Harbor to see the memorial. Apparently you need to get there before noon if you want to get a chance to get in... so we wandered around Waikiki instead.
Not bad at all, and we got to catch one last great Hawaiian sunset to boot.
Yep, a great trip - happiness all the way around. We had three things that we wanted to do while in Hawaii in addition to the wedding, they are as follows:

  • Charles Lindbergh's grave site in Maui
  • Eat a Pukadog
  • See the Pearl Harbor Memorial
We didn't manage a single one - I guess we will have to return someday...

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heather said...

Mmmm. Pukadog....

That's funny, didn't realize you couldn't see Pearl Harbor. My mom, hazel, beth and mike went the day after, said it was truly a site to behold. So yea, next time.

We did get to Pukadog in Kauai, which is where AB went on the show. Holy yumminess!!! We have tons of pictures of the whole process from getting there, looking at the surfboard menu, ordering, and finally chowing down. We'll just send those, it'll be like you were there.