Thursday, May 21, 2009

Finally, our final wedding post.

Ah, our final day in Maui with Mike, Heather, and the rest of the wedding party. We awoke around 06:00 to yet another perfect day.

View of the amazing Pineapple Inn where we stayed

Mike and Heather picked us up shortly after 07:00 so that we could head down to the beach for the snorkeling cruise - yeah it was an early morning but we had behaved the night before.
We got ourselves organized and then next thing you know we're on a boat. I'm on a boat. They took us over to a half crater that has outstanding coral and fish, we spent a good hour floating around being amazed and slightly bothered that we didn't think to purchase one of those disposable underwater cameras.
After that fun they motor us over to an area that has a good population of sea turtles and back into the water we go. I think we saw about 5 turtles - absolutely amazing these things - the guide tells us that he saw 9 in the area. This apparently is an outstanding comeback after they were almost hunted to extinction. This is when we really are bothered that we don't have an underwater camera.

After our second hour in the water it's back on the boat and now they've tapped the kegs and drinks are available. Sure, it's 11:00 and we can feel the sunburn setting in - when else would a nice cold beer feel better?
Off the boat and it's time for everyone to get a short rest before we head up to an evening barbecue at Heather's sisters (cousins) house. Oh, we had a quick stop so that Heather and Mike could get a photo of the beach they were married at....
Po'Olenalena Beach - where two short days ago it was all wedding seriousness.

Most people took the few hours of time to sleep or relax by the pool, we used it to borrow Mike's car and run some errands. Before we knew it we had to head back to meet them and head up to Beth's place for more good food.
Amazing multi-colored trees at Beth's
Camera confusion
Another great night with grilled shrimps, ahi-ahi, salad, potatoes, cheese plates and overall just too much food. A perfect end to their wedding week, the next day we were off to Honolulu for a day and Heather and Mike were heading to Kauai to start their real honeymoon without all of their guests.

Overall this was beyond perfect, every day they had planned something to do and everyone was included - at times it felt more like it was our honeymoon that we were celebrating with friends instead of being there for their wedding. I don't think it could have been done any better - and the fact that they requested, and got, a full moon and perfect weather was just icing on the cake....


Mom W said...

In one picture Mark is the whitest of all the guys; then in another picture (on the deck with the camera) he looks RED. . . . the kind of OUCH red from too much sun.
Hasn't he heard of sun tan lotion???

Mark said...

Sun tan lotion? The red has long since blistered up and peeled away leaving my skin a nice, slightly less pasty, white color.

Yeah, there were a few of us that managed to get good and burnt on that trip. I guess my excuse is that the sun isn't as strong over here in China...