Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Tokyo

The next day we met up with an old friend and colleague from Rosenbluth, Holly. We worked together when I first moved to Chicago, and she has since, married, moved to London, then Germany, had two children and now lives in Tokyo with her family.

It was great to reconnect with her again and meeting her two kids, Unfortunately Skip, her husband was flying back to the U.S. so it was Mark and the girls for the day. We spent the day, catching up with each other’s lives. What a small world!

That evening as we promised our friend that we would come back to hear him play again at the Kei jazz club. As we walked in, he told us that the owner advised him that the club was closed on Monday due to the holiday. Since Stan told us to come back on Monday, he made her open the bar for us. Glad we decided to go back to the bar!

We were very lucky as the weather was excellent the entire time we were in Tokyo, and we were able to meet up with some old friends!

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