Monday, May 18, 2009

Hawaii and the start of wedding week...

After our short stay in Tokyo we hopped on another plane and made the short flight over to Hawaii. JAL airlines from Tokyo to Honolulu and then a Hawaiian flight over to Maui. We made the flight fine but upon arrival in Honolulu my backpack never came down the luggage conveyor. That's not good.

Some of the staff were kind enough to point out that our luggage had indeed come down and was sitting off to the side, we hadn't noticed it because it was wrapped in towels and plastic wrap. That's another bad sign. The wine we had tossed into the luggage when we left Tokyo decided that it didn't want to be a gift but would rather leak all over the clothes we planned on wearing to the wedding. A quick emptying of the suitcase in front of customs and we've got all the glass shards out of our now red clothes and we're ready to go....

Into Maui and to the Pineapple Inn (which we will say is an absolutely excellent place to stay) where we quickly load our clothes into the washing machine that's provided. Yes, almost all of our clothes come clean.

That first night we meet up with Heather and Mike for dinner and some drinks. It's cinco de Mayo, so of course margaritia's are enjoyed.
The next day Beth had signed everybody up to take a reggae booze cruise as a bachelor / bachelorette party. Again, good times were had by all.
Ah, then back to the Marriott where most of the people were staying for a great dinner at Mala. Heather was off to be early seeing as tomorrow was the big day whereas the rest of us stayed up and enjoyed far too much wine.

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