Sunday, June 7, 2009

Elaine & Emily - Guest Blog #6 - Seoul

Alright - Emily has just sent us their Blog update from South Korea - enjoy:

June 2nd

We arrived Seoul around 6pm. Chuck, one of Elaine’s friends who works as an English professor in the city, met us at the airport. He had thoughtfully put together information for us with Seoul maps, subway cards, a cell phone, some money, bus tickets… wonderful to be in a new country under the guidance of Chuck and have all those things out of the gate.

The bus from the airport to Anguk in northern section of Seoul took about an hour and a half. We got to see some of the city along the way and knew for certain we were no longer in China: 6-lane city streets, organized traffic, SUVs, US restaurant chains, people dressed to the nines… very urban chic. We also noticed we were no longer the towering, big-footed laowais we had been in China. Height-wise we were average or short and blended in quite nicely. Some Koreans are definitely suffering the same obesity problems that Americans are, perhaps because of the American restaurant chains, sodas and snack foods available everywhere in Seoul.

We checked into the Seoul Guest House, a 126 year-old hanok or traditional Korean style compound, and then Chuck took us to meet his friend Tak for our first Korean dinner. The food was delicious…

After dinner we walked around Insadong, an area with lots of shops, restaurants and street side vendors. After exploring for an hour or so, Chuck walked us back to our little guesthouse; we were exhausted.

We've got one more post from our blog hijackers and then we'll talk all about our weekend in Nanjing.

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