Friday, June 5, 2009

The old capital.

When our latest guests, Elaine and Emily, left China on Tuesday morning we didn't get a nice chance to sit back and relax. About three hours after they left we were off to the airport to fly up to Shanghai for a few days where I needed to do some work. All that's good and done, at some point Tina may write about some of the sights that she visited, and after a quick 3 hour train ride through some of the darkest storm weather we've seen in a while we've arrived in Nanjing.

Nanjing is one of those cities that we've been wanting to get up and visit almost since we moved here and we finally decided to just schedule it and have a quick weekend trip. Tina booked a great room and we have a beautiful view over the Confucius temple.
If the rain stops we'll get out and hopefully have some great photos and little stories to share. If we don't get anything good we'll point you over to Ben's Blog, and his recent post on Nanjing, especially since his China information is well above anything we could provide. We're lazy in that respect, and we know that most of our readers only want to hear about us going out for drinks....

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