Monday, June 22, 2009


We woke up to the sounds of our windows rattling, granted it doesn’t take much as the windows aren’t exactly high quality, but there was a mention that a typhoon was coming from Taiwan. It was later downgraded to a tropical storm. Winds exceeded over 100kms per hour.

I quickly gathered the remaining clothes that were still out on the balcony drying before the onslaught. The winds picked up, and then the rain arrived in full force. At some points you could see the rain as it was blowing sideways. All of our belongings that were on the side by the washer, flew by our window, meanwhile, the balcony beside us had a tea set on a plastic chair that didn’t move the entire time we were watching it. Mark figures, that the supreme powers must like tea, more than lawn chairs.

We tried calling home, after all it was father’s day, but alas, no internet, so happy belated Father’s day. Then we found out we had no water either, so we spent the evening trying to watch T.V over the rain and wind. Nice to have closed captioning!

This morning I went to check out the damage of our balcony. The washer moved about 2 feet, thankfully still works, though the cover ripped right off, and the wire from our clothes line broke, along with our little plastic chair, the hangers were strewn all over the balcony, and we seemed to have collected other people’s goods.

I went out today, and snapped some photos of the damage around our area.


heather said...

Explain this washer on the balcony setup. I'm picturing you huddled over a washboard or something...

Mark said...

Don't you follow our blog? We've got a standard washing machine that sits in the corner on our balcony. It's what moved, not Tina and the washboard - she was smart enough to move inside during the storm.

Mom W said...

Heather & Mile have got to visit you before you leave. A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a visit to Xiamen and the Wichmanns is PRICELESS!