Monday, July 27, 2009

Arrival of Jo and Corey!

Hey - we are finally in Xiamen. After two weeks of gallivanting through SE Asia and northern China we were met by happy faces at the airport. Thank goodness, there were no English signs and we were clearly the only Laowais on the plane. So cool to be going to the Chinese vacation destination, the entire plane was full of families all on summer travel time and the energy was amazing to see them excited to land. 6 pieces of luggage later (two of which were T&M wine and treats so they couldn't complain), Tina and Mark hosted us into there showplace apartment complex. Ahhh - two washrooms, two bedrooms - we were told by our tour guide that if we had that our friends are rich - clearly we are in Chinese heaven!
Its so nice to visit a destination and have local friends to tell the tales and share the best places to visit, everyone must take the time to see the East while T&M are here if you can. After sangria and 1.5K fish that even Corey tried, our first evening was blissful by the waterside. Today we trotted through the market, live chickens - snakes - veggies caught our eye. We were nervous for the cute little dog that scattered through the crowds. An afternoon of wine and watermelon juice with Tina just passed by the time in bliss as we overlooked the other side of the water crest.
The fabric market was never-ending, so instead we opted for the tailor's choice of black silk blend and Corey's getting fitted up for a graduation suit since grade 12 is just around the corner. I think the DVD store was next on our list of top things to see and do... the Lword series for thirty bucks, yeah. Corey picked Jacky Chan and Frasier. T&M now have us hooked on a series they watch, How I met your mother... now I realize how Mark gets his punch lines for some of his stories.
Where's the beef - off to the Korean bbq tonight... ummm.... thanks Barb - your leftover wine is getting us prepared for an evening of adventure while we watch seafood simmer and go to KTV to teach our teenager a little more about night life~! Uncle Mark, be gentle...

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