Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2 after Arrival in Xiamen

Hello all!!!!

Our second full day here has also been a blast, although it was and is very hot. We went and had a good day walking around the city. We saw the Nanputo temple and it was very interesting to see. We took lots of pictures of the temple and the mountainside that you can climb that leads from the temple to the botanical gardens. We then went around the town, and saw the Xiamen university and got a lot of pictures here as well. After, we went to this little cafe, called the "Central Park Cafe". It was nice there, we all split a banana Split and had some rice, although i had a plate of fries and they were good. We then returned and continued to watch the funny tv series known as "How i Met Your Mother". This show is addicting and it is very funny. We have bought all the series now, and are going to enjoy watching it when we get back to Canada. The Barney character in this show is soooooo funny, if you every get a chance to watch this show, you should. This city is very cool, it is like a tropical place, although everything is in Chinese. Without any help we would be totally lost. It is very hot here though, and i think i have sweated out a lung or something. Note for File: Drink lots of water, unless you want a HUGE headache. Next on our List: a birthday dinner for Uncle Mark at ... we still can't decide!!!....

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