Thursday, July 30, 2009

last night for our visit ~

Ahhh... now we've found the island off of the island today (Gulangyu), so very cool... went shrimping for dinner. Pearls are much cheaper when you know the owner, thanks Tina!!!

Amazing picture scenes all day. Corey is getting some good training from Auntie T - she's trying to convince him to become a photo journalist and I'm trying to keep him staying to be a lawyer... time will tell. Our little traveler has become crankie today with his 2 blisters on both feet. The penance of global travel.

Couldn't find a suitcase big enough to buy here!!! So we will have to fly back with our broken one. Such great souvenirs and fond memories from Singapore, Malaysia, Beijing, Xian, and especially from Xiamen. Its so nice to have a reason to travel. Tina and Mark really make your time and money invested to go half way around the world all the more reason to keep exploring. The world's such a small place when you can embrace the people, the cultures, the historic wonders that others have left behind.

Looking forward to sharing all the glorious photos and stories when we get home in two days from now... Xiamen-Beijing-Vancouver-Toronto... back to reality with a new paradigm shift for Asia. A big thanks to our hosts Tina and Mark for making this all happen. Where are you moving to next ?... see you when you come back to visit your family and friends!

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