Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tina’s ToDo list for visitors!

Our friend Jo was kind enough to do one more blog after arriving back home. Thanks my friend.

Well, we are back in Canada and finally I unpacked my luggage and washing it as I write this blog today. Thanks to Air Canada they did actually track down my bag that did not make it from Xiamen to Beijing to Vancouver. Amazingly one bag did make it to the connector in Vancouver but it didn’t even have my luggage tag attached, I just identified it was my bag – seeing that, I thought there would be no way to get the other one. Luckily I did, just missing my pearl purchases and toiletries, things that make you go hmmmm.... Guess they will resell the goods and use the other for personal use since I did not see many pharmacies around. They did leave the prescription items in tack, how thoughtful.

OK, so I looked through the pictures while we travelled for 30 hours back home...yikes 3 connections gave us lots of time to reflect.

It was so fantastic to see Tina and Mark in all their glory of Asia.

Here’s what you have to do if you visit Xiamen one day!... Our awesome agenda as Tina and Mark keep you entertained in Asia -

· Enjoy Tsing Tao Beer, enjoy another Tsing Tao Beer, then why not have another Tsing Tao Beer

· Try a Koren BBQ dinner or Chinese Mexican fajita or anything that anywhere else tries to make

· Visit the street market -count your chickens, ducks, snakes, snails, crabs- you’ll turn vegetarian

· Walk through the Temple – they even have lots of female monks... Tina!!!

· Stroll the Beach – don’t forget to bring your sun umbrella – the boardwalk goes on for eternity

· Eat a Banana Split – it comes with starfish fruit – wow - everything is fresh and delectable

· Shop at Carrefour Outlet – pretend you are rich – you’ll feel that way anyway - then buy local

· Watch a Sunset at the Waterfront – recommend that you partake in this every day!!!... bliss

· Hear Vietnam tales at Me and You 2 Restaurant and tangle your taste buds at Temptations

· Buy a tailored suit or tuxedo or dress – makes you look like a million bucks at any age

· Get a pair of newly engineered zip pants for airing out your lower extremities...Mark?!?!.. the designer

· Tea tasting with the local gals passes the time with charm while you watch locals stroll the island

· Walking through tunnels and listening to the local instruments of the street people fill the soul

· Hiking up hills and admiring the 1930’s heritage buildings of past wealth and splendour of Japan

· Finding some British architecture that makes you want to mix into this Mecca of home melody

· Viewing the traditional fishing boats that are sun bleached and basked against the city skyline

· Stumbling on bad octopus art that proves even the Asians can have distorted tastes in statues

· Rolex and purse shopping that makes you want to open up your own shop of goodies

· Earning dinner by fishing for shrimp while they pour in new buckets of prawns in the local pool

· Eating enormous fish that’s eyes stare you down while consuming spices of drooling distinction

· Enjoying the city light promenades and boulevards that overlook the glory of economic growth

· Chilling in a luxury condo that features running water, air conditioning and a groovy disco light

· Watching movies/television series as you lounge on smurf couches and consume imported wine

· Reaping the benefits of a cosmopolitan city that embraces tourists and town people alike

· Go back again and again – tourism dollars build goodwill and linked economies forever!

Thank you to our glorious hosts for being part of a memorable vacation that will continue to be top on the list of things to do in life!!! Hope you all can visit Tina and Mark as they explore this small globe.

You two rock as a team – it’s nice to feel your energy and be a part of your bliss for just a passing moment in time – the feelings will never go away. Friendship is only a smile or a laugh a part. =) jg

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