Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Huwei Shan.

Most of Sunday was a nice leisurely day, and then about 4pm, Mark decides that he's had enough of the apartment and decided that we needed to go for a stroll somewhere. I was more inclined to stay inside where it was nice and cool as temperatures have been hovering around 105F, and that isn't including the humidity. I lost the argument.

We were indecisive as to where to go. Mark wanted to head down by the university or Gu Lang Yu hoping to get some decent sunset pictures and since I'm usually visiting these areas as part of the Wichmann tour, I offered up another suggestion, which was to go to
Huwei Shan. The weather bureau built their meteorological observatory a few years back so one gets a pretty view of Xiamen on a clear day.

As we walked up the hill, we realized just how hot it really was in Xiamen. The shade offered little and we were both soaking wet by the time we reached the top of the hill. We managed to drink a bottle of water in about 10 seconds, took some pictures of the view, and then wandered up to where you can take a lift to get even a better view of the city only to find out we missed it by 15 minutes. It was closed for the day.

Mark suggests we come back another time, and I agreed only when it's cooler.

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