Monday, September 28, 2009

Construction Update

It's been a long time since we've written about the construction that spent months keeping us from getting a good nights sleep, but once they finished pouring all the concrete supports the movement about the site slowed down dramatically. We talked about how they had just recently started digging down and doing more work to build a retaining wall, but now they've stepped the levels of production back up so that they are working full 12+ hour days. Where one of the workers lodging buildings had been torn down, there were two new ones put up in its place.

When we returned last week we saw that they had even set up a crane on the property.
Now they're starting to section it out and it looks like they have poured some small concrete walls. I'd say that the sections are approximately 15'x20', and their are stockpiles of bricks laying all around the site that we will get to see put to use soon...
So, once again we have something interesting going on right outside our window that we can talk about, only this time we believe that the work will be much quieter...

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