Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last weekend...

So in returning to talking about our regular life here in Xiamen, we will share with you the things that we have been doing. First, as we mentioned before we left for Xinjiang, our friend the Crazy Mexican - Rene, is back in Xiamen for a few months with work. Although it's not the same as when we would head over to the villa that his family was staying in last year, it's still good to catch up with him for a few beers or whatnot.

We took the Mexican over to the barber that I use so that he would look presentable when he was going to work.
Then last weekend over at Havana's they had a party to celebrate the Mexican independence day, September 16th. There was quite a crowd and too much tequila was drunk.
Yep, we were a little slow moving on Sunday and our plans for going to the local massage parlor for cupping were put on hold for a week. We are heading over to Me&You 2 now to meet up with the Mexican again and this week we will make it to cupping, and with a lot less toxins then the would have found if we had gone last weekend....

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