Thursday, September 3, 2009

The fun of zhi zi...

We have been in China for over two years, and one thing that I will probably never get, is this language. As much as I try, when you live in the southern part of China the dialects make it near impossible. Learning Chinese the correct way is one thing, having the Chinese understand you is a whole new ball game.

Generally when we travel, I will try and learn a new phrase or words when speaking with our guides, so our guide from our last trip, told me how to say amazing. Nan (2nd tone) yi (3rd tone) zhi (4th) and xin (4th). So I'm practicing my new phrase and attempted, and I will say attempted, to say this to Lina from Pearl World.

Me: Lina, I learned this new phrase, nan yi zhi xin

Lina: zhi xin should be the 4th tone

Me: okay, let me try this again, which I proceed to do a few times

Lina's employee: bu shi she states, meaning no, it's nan yi zi xin

Me: really?

Lina: yea, I think she's right,

Me: okay, so let me try again, so I do using zi instead of zhi

Lina and her employee agree, okay that's it..

After the trip to Gu Lang Yu, I look it up and lo and behold, it should be zhi no zi.

Now the question is, do I go back and correct them?

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