Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Expat Excursion

Now that the expats are back in town and their kids are back in school, it's time for the women to do their weekly excursions. Some times it's an outing on our little island and other times exploring the Fujian province.

Today's trip actually included two sites, Anping Bridge and Family Cai's Ancient Residential Complex. We met up at 8am and headed quickly since we werent' sure about timing and some of the women needed to be back in time for their children.

The trip to Anping Bridge took less than we had expected, a mere hour. The bridge was built back in the Song Dynasty, approximately 1150 A.D. and is 1 1/2 miles long. We walked the bridge and though made extremely well, was also uneven and at times one needed to watch where they were walking. There was a cute temple by the bridge, and a small park with a volleyball net and some exercise equipment. A few of the gals decided that they wanted more of a work out so went down and tried to figure out how to use some of the equipment. Naturally, the locals were curious and needed to check things out.

Anping Bridge

Some of the locals in awe of the laowais excercising..

This contraption gave Tone and Pam a bit of a time

The gals
At the end of the bridge there was a small village and temple. Some of the locals greeted us, more out of curiosity than friendly. After a quick look around we started back.

One would need to use your imagination of what the surrounding area was like back in the day as today it's mostly new high rises with some old stores along side of the highway.

The next stop was to Cai's Ancient Residential Complex in Nan'an. This dates back 160 years, so not sure how one defines ancient here in China. Anyway, this residence was built by Cai Qichang and his son way back when, and is typical of Minnan style architecture. Similar to the Hakka houses few people live this complex, children moving to more modern abodes. But first things first, lunch.

Minnan style housing

After touring the residence, we had ample time, and there wasn't much else around the area to check out so we decided to head back to Xiamen, leaving us time to enjoy ice coffee at the Coffee Club.

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