Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend in Xiamen

Saturday we actually had a lot of activities planned, so we were up and out of the house as soon as the Red Sox game we were listening to ended. A run over to the bank to deposit money into our electrical and water accounts, then over to the other bank to pull out some cash, and a quick jaunt over to Gulang yu so that I can get a watch that Tina bought for me adjusted.

As long as we were on Gulang yu we figured that we may as well stop and enjoy a drink while watching the crowds of tourists wanted the island.

Notice the nice new watch?
Ice delivery

Looking over to Gulang yu

From there we wandered up through Zhongshan lu on our way over to meet up with the Mexican at the Millennium Hotel.
Enjoying Saturday on Zhongshan lu

From there we took the Mexican on a quick tour of the alleys and the wet market - seeing as he had never taken the chance to wander around down there when he lived her before.
Chicken Sales
Tina & Rene waiting as I got my shoes polishedBack Alleys
We finished up over at the newly opened outdoor patio over at the Wyndham hotel for a few drinks while we watched the sunset. The view's not that great from there, but we then went to the buffet for dinner - I will say that this hotel does have the best buffet of all the ones that we've been to.

Next stop was a quick trip over to My Way for a few drinks before we dragged them Mexican over to the night market for a late night snack.Longan for sale
Cooking up squid and corn
Waiting for our food at the night market

More good food and a few drinks before we headed over to The Key to finish our evening. The Key was packed full, most of the laowai's are back and apparently they all missed heading out to the clubs. We didn't stay there too long, only one beer, prior to heading home after a very full day...


heather said...

Dammit!!! I know that pic was for my benefit. Ok, let's devise a plan to smuggle Longans out of China...

Mark said...

No, that photo wasn't just for you. but this one is. Maybe I can just stuff some down my pants when we move back....