Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How not to start a holiday...

Yesterday I mentioned that we were flying out today for a short 5 day holiday in the Hunan Province, what I don't think I mentioned was just how early our flight was.

Apparently there is a lot to see here and there is a few flights a day to Changsha, and the only morning flight leaves at 07:00. That would get us into town around 08:30 and then right into the car for a 4 hour ride up to our first spot of sightseeing.

Seven is early, but we prepare ahead somewhat, so last night around 22:00 I'm finishing up packing. Our alarm is set for the ungodly early time of 04:30.

This morning Tina nudges me quickly and loudly, the clock in the bedroom is reading 06:04. What? No alarm? Was I so tired that I shut it off? I go to take a shower and Tina stops me saying that we've got to go now if we want to even have a chance.

Some swearing and, for me, 5 very confused minutes later we are downstairs hopping into a taxi and telling him that we need to get to the airport as quickly as possible. A six thirty we were at the airport and at the ticket counter, signs for the flight tell us that it is boarding, there is still a line of people for this flight getting tickets - that's a good sign. Twenty minutes later we are through security and sitting on the airplane.

Not bad, 45 minutes from climbing out of bed to being able to close your eyes on the plane.

Of course in our rush Tina's phone and watch got left behind, and with my late night packing I forgot to pack our sandals, a jacket for me, and my hat. But we made the flight, and for me that's all that matters.

And yes, I did sleep for almost all of the 4 hour car ride.

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