Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong was the final stop out our trip out of China during their National Holiday, and here we just spent a short weekend so that we could make some quick purchases at their local electronics stores. We find that we trust them slightly more then the electronics that we could buy here in China, but who knows if it really is any better...

We fly in late on Thursday night, getting into the hotel around midnight and were up and enjoying a pleasant long weekend early the next day.
A trip from Kowloon to Hong Kong and back were a must, along with a nice lunch of fish & chips. The Star Ferry is always begging for photos, so we were happy to oblige. We went back to the upper floor of the Sheraton for the 20:00 view of the light show. We have a video from one of our new cameras, but these shoot video in HD and I haven't figured out yet how to convert it to something watchable...

Saturday we got up and headed back over to Hong Kong and then hopped on a bus to head across the island to Stanley, and the Stanley market.
The market is no longer the great deals that it apparently was back in the 80's, now it's just the same old tourist junk that you can purchase almost anywhere. But there are a lot of bars here along the waterfront so we enjoyed a relaxing lunch just watching all of the other people out snapping photos and taking in the perfect weather.
At one point we wandered over by the water and Tina decided that it would be fun to drop her 1-day old camera about 20 feet down onto the rocks. It was just out of the water and we thought that it was finished, but I scrambled down just ahead of the tide and managed to get it for her.

Heading down as part of the camera rescue team.
Checking to make sure it didn't suffer any permanent damage.

As the sun was setting on Stanley we hopped in a taxi back to the other side of the island to grab another great English style dinner before retiring back to the hotel with a nice bottle of wine.Sunday we had a few hours to wander and then we were off to the airport and finally back to Xiamen. It was a great trip, seeing far more then we ever really expected - but then the whole first leg consisting of the trip to Malaysia is not something that we had planned for at all.

Tomorrow we hop on another airplane, this time for a short 5 day tour of the Hunan Province. Once again we may go through a period of blogger silence...

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