Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Ipoh...

So after seeing Alex play in Kuala Lumpur we drove back up to Ipoh the following day with Landis and Ying, so that we could see the rest of the family. We stayed in Ipoh for two nights and got to spend some good time talking, enjoying wine, and bothering all of their kids. It was nice and relaxing since this time we weren't there for mom's birthday or Chinese New Year, just a few days in the middle of a normal Malaysian week.

Because of this nice relaxed nature we were able to do some more sightseeing, some touristy items like the Lost World of Tambun, and some not so touristy, such as telling Hong to pull over so that we could climb through some abandoned houses to snap photos.

Lost World Photos, with a scared Hong in the hall of snakes

Run down homes that were for rent

Seemingly abandoned homes, complete with bats.

Overgrown cemetery

Our last night we had planned on waking early and going to the bus station to take the 03:00 bus back to Kuala Lumpur so that we could catch an early flight, however luck was on our side and Alex had a work meeting down there first thing in the morning so he allowed us to tag along with him. This meant that we spend our last night staying over at Alex's impressive bachelor pad and being allowed to sleep in a little later and not leave Ipoh until 04:00.

Overall an excellent extra bit of holiday and a good last chance to see our family for what may be a while. Alex has promised to come and see us in Chicago within the next two years, and if we are lucky Ying and Landis may come along too.

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