Monday, October 12, 2009

Malaysia.... again.

A while back Tina and I left for a nice holiday, starting it off with a trip to Malaysia to visit our adopted Asian family. Normally it's white families that adopt Asian kids, however we were lucky enough to find a family that wanted to adopt two slightly damaged Caucasian adults. It's worked out well for us.

We left on Tuesday to fly down to Kuala Lumpur so that we could see our brother Alex, the classically trained pianist, put on a concert. As our luck would have it our plane decided that it liked the Hong Kong airport and that it wasn't going to leave anywhere close to on time. When we finally landed in Kuala Lumpur and cleared customs it was about 10 minutes after eight. The show started at 21:00 and the taxi we grabbed informed us that we were about 45-50 minutes from our destination. That's cutting it close, but we expected that like all those other performance prima donnas we hoped that they would start a little late.

At 21:10 we were dropped off in from the bar with all of our luggage, went inside and met Dr. Lim who was nice enough to help us quickly move our luggage down the street and into the back of his car for safe keeping. Minutes later we are sitting at a small table in the front of the venue with a bottle of wine, and within another five minutes the show started.

It was an excellent show, outstanding work by everyone although we were probably biased towards the performance put on by Alex and Siew Ying (she flipped the pages for him as he played).

We've tried to upload a video that Tina snapped on her cell phone of him playing, but Blogger and the blockade of Blogger within China aren't agreeing with us tonight. If we can get it to work we will load it up later and let people know to come back to this page to view it. We will also try to load it up to Flickr, as they also do video now, once we finally get caught up with the rest of our photos from the Xinjiang trip.

A long trip that we will tell you about in the next few days, probably before and then after our next guests get roped into guest blogging this weekend. It is good to be back in Xiamen, and to see that the weather has finally broken from one of their hottest summers on record to a point where it is now a comfortable 25C, with only about 60% humidity...

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