Monday, October 26, 2009

We did what?

We had a full day just relaxing in Luang Prabang before we headed out on the next leg of our holiday so instead of sleeping in and lazily enjoying the town we signed up for a cooking class and got up early so that we could be there at the early morning time of 08:00.

First they took us to the local market so that we could learn bits about how to select the proper ingredients.

Learning more than I need to know about rice.

From the market it was back to the restaurant so we could do all the prep work for our meals and then into the kitchen for the good stuff.
Cooking lemongrass chicken.
Tasting the beef soup.

We finished up and served ourselves lunch around 11:30, and I must say that it was right tasty. A fun way to spent the morning, they gave us a cookbook with Laos recipes, a certificate saying that we paid them to be in their kitchen, and we got to eat three great meals for lunch. After that we were free to take that nice leisurely stroll around the town.
The next day we were whisked to the airport and off to three nights in Hong Kong.

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