Friday, October 9, 2009

Xi'an Story

I figured that I've save this story until we were in desperate need of something to post, but we want to keep you all entertained whilst we are out touring Laos.

When we were returning from our last vacation to the Xinjiang region we had about a 3 hour layover in Xi'an. We're getting better and now we spend airport time sorting through photos or trying to write a funny blog post, so we settled into a coffee shop and while I excused myself to the bathroom Tina ordered a couple of beer for us to enjoy.

I return and Tina jumps up to head to the bathroom and as she's heading out she say's "My beer is flat, have them get me a new one."

This is an easy one right? A flat beer, easy to show to them seeing as there are no bubbles... I call a girl over and explain "Bu hao" and show her the difference between the two beers. She replies "Is good, hen hao." Soon I have 3 around me as I pour more of Tina's beer into her glass and explain that there is no bubbles. I look up carbonation in my dictionary and point to that saying "Mei you" (doesn't have) and they giggle and say "Is good, is OK".

It was fun but frustrating and Tina returned, looking for a good beer, but only finding me surrounded by now 4 women explaining why the beer was good... We then pointed to the bartender who they left to talk to before deciding it was best to just ignore us.

We then carried the beer up to them and just asked for a new one, just to get giggles. Eventually they got a new beer out of the cooler and they all stood around and watched as once girl vigorously shook it as they all looked for bubbles inside the bottle. Although this would have been fun to watch we decided that enough was enough and just told them that we were finished and that we wanted to just pay for the one beer that we drank. We paid up and walked down to the beer location.

We can only hope that the beer they shook was put back into the fridge and not opened for quite some time, and as funny as it would have been to watch them open it we just couldn't let them do that while we were still there...

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