Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Fenghuang was about an hour's drive from the market. Once there our driver wanted to eat, check in to our hotel, and then wander into the old town. Mark and I suggested we check in, and then eat in the old town - again confusion ensued, but we managed to get things squared away.

After lunch, Ray showed us some of the sights, and wanted to show us the museum and a few memorial halls, we took a pass, told our guide he can take the rest of the day, and Mark and I wandered through the old town. It's much easier for us not having a guide.

Fenghuang, or Phoenix Town is about 800 years old, and the houses are built on stilts in some cases. It's actually quite lovely if you take out all the tourists. After walking around, Mark and I had a beer, when all of a sudden, the music
was turned on, loud enough for the people in the next town to hear it. Every bar, had this same insane idea that the louder the music the better. What should have been a nice quiet evening turned into one very loud disco.

Mark found a place earlier, which looked quite cool and indeed was a nice respite until Mark realized he had no money. I stayed while he hunted for an ATM. The entire old town didn't have an ATM, so he had to go out of the old town to find cash. After 45 minutes or so, Mark came back so we could pay the bar bill.

We continued taking photos until we took a taxi back to our hotel.

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