Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Today's adventure was a four hour drive to Zhangjian. We ended up getting lost on our way to the local market. Actually we drove past it, and Mark thought they were taking us to another one, so after an hour or so, when the roads became worse, it dawned on our guide and driver that we may be going the wrong way. Turned around and went to the village we past.

The first stop was to see Miao village, actually it ended up being a landlord's house way back when, which has since been converted into a museum. Ray, our guide took off with one of the local girls to pay, what Mark and I thought was for parking but later came to find out it was for the entrance to the museum. We couldn't stop him in time to tell him no thanks. We were more interesting in seeing the local market, though we did learn about the history of the Miao, and about 3000 years ago they use to live in trees.

Ray was getting hungry and asked if we wanted to start heading to Fenghuang. We asked him about the market and wanted to know if we missed this one, if there would be another market that we would be visiting where the locals still where their traditional outfits. In typical Chinese fashion, he muttered maybe, I think. Which means no. Mark and I told him that we would be going to the market, but will be back about 20 minutes or so. It was a wee bit longer, but had we not asked, our opportunity to visit the market would have been lost and it was definitely worth it.

Miao people
We could have stayed for hours, and glad we were able to see this market, as we we were unable to get to another on this trip.

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