Saturday, November 28, 2009

Off to Gulang yu

Lately is seems like there are more and more tours to the little island off the island - Gulang yu. Last time we wanted to head over the lines for the ferry were packed, heading all the way up the ramp, and as much fun as fighting the crowd is, we decided we wanted no part of that.

The solution? Instead of a free 8 minute ferry ride is to hop on one of the many speed boats that are always running back and forth...
It's a quick trip, just about 1 minute, and for only 25 kuai each (3.60 USD). It's worth it at that price, and we don't have to spend the 1 kaui that we normally do on the ferry for first class.

Next time we go we will take a video of the ride, as one does get bounced around quite a bit....

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