Friday, November 27, 2009


Since yesterday was the nice American holiday of Thanksgiving, and we are without a real oven in our apartment, we were forced into going out if we wanted to enjoy a nice turkey meal.

Luckily there are enough places on the island that offer up Thanksgiving specials, and we decided that we would go over to the Coyote for the full buffet that they were putting together. Coyote makes sense since it seems like we are there at least every other weekend enjoying their brunch menu, oh and their margaritas.

We arrived over there around 18:00, grabbed a seat and ordered us a nice bottle of wine. The food came out at 18:30 and within an hour we were completely stuffed and a sizable dent had been made in the buffet offerings.

Unfortunately we didn't think to get any photos of the great meal, our heaping plates, or even of the crowd of people that showed up to enjoy a holiday meal in Xiamen. We did manage to remember our camera after we had eaten and we were able to snap a photo of a well picked over feast - you'll notice that the tray with the sweet potatoes is completely empty...

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