Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You would think it would be easy....

After filling our tummies at Yih and Allen's place, we ventured over to Gu Lang Yu to meet up with friends and help the Mexican and his charming wife look for some small Chinese folding fans.

Next year is Alejandra's 15th birthday, and in Mexico it's a very big deal, something similar to our sweet 16th birthdays, but on a grandeur scale. The fans were to be in a specific colour, and though it sounds easy, since we live in the country where every women and most men have them, finding specific colours wasn't. I tried in Shanghai but no luck. Mark and I went over first and asked some friends but the colours were wrong, so we continued looking until we received a call from another friend to join them for a drink at a new bar. How could we refuse? Besides it was a nice break from the throngs of tourists.

Enroute to Gu Lang Yu

Hats for sale..Mark wanted to buy one

The Mexican met us later for a beer and then we continued looking for the fans. We called it a night as we weren't getting anywhere with finding the fans, because a couple of boys were starting to get hungry. Now the fun begins. Finding a taxi around 6:30pm is as bad as finding one at 4:30 when they change shifts. One very quick thinking Chinese decides he will offer us a ride for only 20 kuai. Yea, bud, don't think so. The guy's worse than the taxis in Guangzhou. We found one quick enough and made it to the Coyote where we met Stalin for dinner.
The Mexican, The Australian, The American, and The Canadian

The hunt for the fans are still on....

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