Monday, December 7, 2009

Back from Kathmandu, Nepal

Well, we made it back safely from our latest trip out - and as always we return with some stories that we rather wish we didn't have. As much as we enjoy saying "Well, this will make for a great post", that type of help is better when we are still sitting in Xiamen trying to think of something interesting to write. When we are off someplace so stunningly amazing that just tossing a few photos up along with some captions like "Wow" or "Everywhere you looked were sights as beautiful as this" is enough to count as a good post (at least in our mind), we don't really need the additional items for blog fodder.

So, as I've stated, it was a good trip with some twists that we never would have seen coming. We are tired now from an overnight flight that has you spending an hour and a half in Dhaka, Bangladesh where you aren't allowed to get off the plane, then collapsing into a chair in the Hong Kong airport where you wait far too long of a connection time to catch that last short leg home.

Tonight we will sort through some of the photos and try and narrow them down to the ones that are good enough for us to share. Starting tomorrow we will have stories of this latest trip of ours.

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