Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our next trip....

Today we head out for a long weekend in Kathmandu, Nepal, where we will be in one of only two time zones that is off from universal time by an increment of 15 minutes. Yep, it'll be 2 hours and 15 minutes earlier then our standard China time, crazy huh? I'm guessing that we will be out of internet contact until we return back to Xiamen on Monday, but by then we should hopefully have some good stories and photos. Tina has already booked an early morning flight that will take us up around Mount Everest on Saturday, and all the weather reports are calling for clear skies.

Yep, we're excited about this trip and we are thinking that this will be a good last weekend trip before we have to start worrying about organizing and packing up our belongings for our return to the States.


cath said...

I found your blog true google acctually. I'm currently living in South Korea, but were moving to Xiamen in the beginning of next year. Sorry to see that you are leaving before we are coming, but i'll be surfing true your blog and see if i can pick up some tips ;)

james said...

It sucks that two more vocal members of the chinese blogosphere is getting sucked back into the real world!

As you are by now fully certified experts on the fair city of Xiamen, and I'm going to be making my way down there shortly, I just wanted to ask what the best expat rag is to pick up for directory listings...I've got to look like I know what I'm doing (not that I ever do).

Mark said...

Ah yes, we will have a hard time leaving Xiamen, but as long as we are able to leave some help in our wake it was all worth it.

Cath, sorry that we are leaving before you arrive, if you have any questions let us know - hopefully we have left enough information in our posts and in the Xiamen links. and the newer seem to do good job of connecting people, sowe would suggest starting there.

James, sure come down to Xiamen now that we are leaving. Is this because we skipped Qingdao? When we talked about going there we we going to contact you - Tina needed to talk to another Canadian - but then you left. What brings back to China, and a visit to Xiamen? The two links that I just gave to Cath supposedly also publish, but its been a long time since we've seen anything anywhere. Just stat at Me&You2 or Coyote and ask the local laowais there.

It is sad, this mass exodus out of China - we've counted at least 9 blogs that we follow, and a few others we know that don't bother to document it on the web, that are all leaving this year. I blame the pig sickness (H1N1 flu)....

james said...

Yes I am quite the dodgy little sneak aren't I?

Actually, I've been busy with work, which is the reason for leaving QD and now why I'm heading down to Xiamen town. As I'm sure you know, the stone industry down there would make Fred and Barney jealous, and that's my area. It's just a brief jaunt but from what I've seen here and on other sites, looks like a great place.

It's too bad you never had the chance to make it out to QD, I always enjoy hosting guests. (Gives me a good excuse to sample some of the fresh draft)